Want your Teeth back?

Want your Teeth back?

Want your Teeth back?

Chris McH PicLocal expert Dr. Chris McHale BDS, one of the leading cosmetic and implant dentists in the UK and Ireland Talks about dental implants.

Dental Implants have proven to be the answer to many patients’ dental problems both functional and aesthetic. By replacing just one tooth to a full mouth reconstruction, they enable the restoration of a natural smile, improving patient comfort, confidence and quality of life.


What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is gently placed directly into the jaw to act as an anchor to support one or more teeth or a denture. Each implant can usually be used to support up to two teeth. One major advantage of an implant is that it avoids the need to drill down the teeth either side of the “gap” which would normally be necessary in preparation of a conventional bridge. The implant also provides a stimulus to the underlying bone reducing further bone loss. Implants can also be used as anchors to improve the stability and retention of loose dentures. Patients find great improvements during speech and eating, increased comfort and renewed confidence. At Dental Excellence Belmont Road we can often remove the failing tooth and fit a dental implant at the same appointment.

Planning your treatment

At Dental Excellence we use state of the art techniques to measure the amount of bone available for the placement of implants. The implant team uses pre-surgical imaging with a state of the art 3d scanner to indicate the following:

  • where each implant should go
  • how long and wide it should be
  • at what angle it should be inserted
  • whether the bone quality (e.g. its density) is sufficient
  • where the sensitive anatomy is located

Who can have implants?

Dr McHale will carry out a thorough examination including appropriate x-rays, to see if your case is suitable. It can be dependent on the condition of the bone in the area of the planned implants but in most cases a solution is found.

What does the treatment involve?

Placing of the implants is carried out at the surgery. It involves a simple procedure which is carried out under a normal local anaesthetic. The implant must then be allowed to bond (integrate) with the bone. During this time it is possible to make a temporary replacement for your missing teeth. Once healing and integration have occurred the permanent replacement is made and fitted.

How successful is the treatment?

Modern implants show a success rate of 98%+ over 15-20 years. Being rooted in bone, as with your natural teeth, implants require routine cleaning.

If you have any questions regarding Dental Implants, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Clinic to make an appointment for a free consultation.



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