Relax Kids Exam Calm Tips

Relax Kids Exam Calm Tips

Relax Kids Exam Calm Tips

Stress can negatively affect children’s performance in tests. When children are nervous, it can cloud their focus, affect their memory recall and comprehension, and induce dreaded “brain-block”!

These Relax Kids Exam tips will help your child learn how to beat exam stress:


On the day of your first Exam test you might be feeling a little nervous. Breathing exercises can help us get rid of stress and worry. It is impossible to feel stressed when you are focusing on your breathing. Here’s a quick breathing exercise:

4-2-6 Breathing.   Breathe in slowly through your nose for the count of 4, hold your breathe for 2 and breathe out slowly through your mouth for the count of 6.  Boom it’s that easy!!!

Keep Hydrated! Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause headaches and mental fogginess. You will be allowed to bring a clear bottle of water into your test with you

Eat a good breakfast. Avoid sugary foods and refined carbohydrates like white bread! These might make your blood sugar levels spike and stop you from being able to concentrate properly. If your tests are in the afternoon make sure you bring a healthy snack to keep you full and energised

Eat brain food. Certain foods have been proven to help your brain work more efficiently. For example, blueberries can help improve your memory. Add some to your breakfast cereal to help you remember all the hard work and revision you have done.

Keep positive and believe in yourself!

Hopefully you are feeling nice and refreshed after your early night.Try and keep this feeling of calm. Breathe deeply and repeat this affirmation out loud:

I am focussed. I can concentrate. I am calm, I can do this.”

“I am focussed. I can concentrate. I am calm, I can do this.”


Let yourself be excited rather than anxious!

Instead of thinking, “I’m a ball of nerves,” say, “I’m excited! My body is preparing me to do well on this exam.” Research shows that when you reframe performance anxiety into excitement, you are likely to perform better.

Before you leave to go to school for the exam, give Mum or Dad a cuddle. Hugging releases a natural feel- good hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin boosts self-esteem and helps reduce your stress levels, so a big hug can help you feel calm and confident before your first test!


Test time tips.

Your first test can be a scary experience. Those few moments before your teacher tells you to turn over your paper and begin can seem to last an agonisingly long time. While waiting for your test to begin, don’t panic, you will be fine. Remember that you have worked hard and done everything you need to get you to this point. Spend a moment trying to relax and get yourself into a calm state of mind so that you will be able to do your best! Get comfortable at your desk, take a few deep breaths and do this simple exercise:

(Its a good idea to practice this when studying at home)


The Learning State


  • Familiarise yourself with the room in which you are in. Look around it and notice a few details – colours, shapes, objects.
  • Close your eyes and just relax. Try to empty your mind of everything for a few seconds. You know that you can pick it up later when you need it.
  • Now open your eyes and find a spot on the wall or in front just above eye level and direct your complete attention on that spot. Focus on the spot for around 5-10 seconds. Slowly, start to expand your vision so that you can see the things around the spot, but keeping your eyes very still.
  • Relax your jaw and continue to expand your vision. Become aware of the sounds in the room and notice how your body feels against the chair. Become aware of how your relaxed your body feels and how still your mind is.
  • Imagine stepping out of your body and being able to see the whole room. Stay in this relaxed state for a few moments until you are ready to begin.

This is called the ‘Learning State’. Your awareness is heightened, your mind is relaxed and you are ready to recall all the learning you have memorised. Try and remain in this calm state throughout your test to help you achieve your best


Read the instructions well

Reading instructions and looking over the test will not only help you avoid costly mistakes, it will help you gauge how much me you can spend on each question to finish the test on time.


Talk to your negative thoughts

“Hey thoughts, I see you’re here and thanks for worrying about me, but I’m fine. This is just a test.” By addressing your anxious thoughts, you are acknowledging them without giving into them.


Wondering Minds

During the test, if your mind starts to wonder, you find you can’t concentrate, or you get dreaded brain-block, a simple breathing exercise can help you clear your thoughts and regain focus. Rather than wasting lots of time panicking, it is better to spend a few moments gathering your thoughts so that you are ready to continue with a clear head.

Did you know that positive thinking can actually help us be better at something? By feeling confident and believing that we can do something, it actually makes it easier for us to do it!  When we imagine ourselves succeeding and doing well, we get rid of any feelings of self-doubt that might hold us back. Many top athletes use positive visualisation to help them perform better.


After the Exam:


For more info on Beat Exam and study Stress group and 1-2-1 sessions contact Sinead York on 90 281234 or


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