Women’s Well-being – By Natures Way

Women’s Well-being – By Natures Way

Women’s Well-being – By Natures Way

This month because of Mother’s day I will talk about women and hormones.

A woman’s body is a very complex, finely tuned machine. The regulation of hormones, Menopause, Reproductive health, Urinary tract health and maintenance of bone density are just a few areas that us Ladies need to face throughout or lives.

I find a number of women are trying to take steps to ward off the symptoms related to all of the above, and we each need different nutrients and supplements to deal with the various stages.

The menstrual cycle is were some of trouble of imbalance begins with symptoms from cramps to headaches and mood swings, I usually recommend the herb Agnus Castus which is most useful to help bring the hormones back into rhythm. Magnesium is good for cramps and tension and I always advice Rhodiola for the moods!!! In some cases a huge loss of vital nutrients can occur which will always need replenished with nutrients such as iron and b12.

Menopause is a wide area to cover and symptoms really to vary for person to person. I usually advice to deal with individual issue as they creep up!! But the one thing that really bothers us is the Hot flushes/Night sweats. The herb most used is Sage which helps to rebalance the sweat regulating mechanism in the brain, Also cutting down on caffeine intake as this retains heat in the body.

Again I would suggest Rhodiola for the moods and irritability through this time off life. Some women find the condition of hair skin and nails is a concern during the menopause due to the deficiencies of minerals, by including a full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement daily you could help to solve some of this.

Finally respect that woman in your life and treat her well. After all, she has a lot to deal with…

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