Warren York Hypnotherapy

Warren York Hypnotherapy

Warren York Hypnotherapy

A stepping stone to the life you want

The first thing people ask me about hypnotherapy is – does it work?


I can understand that question as it was mine before I trained as a hypnotherapist. I studied psychology at university and was a bit sceptical.

On my first day training I was hypnotised 10 times and hypnotised 10 other people! I gave up smoking that first day too. I know it works.

The second question people ask is – what can it do for me?

Any habit, behaviour or mindset can be changed as long as the individual wants it to change. From smoking to weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias to IBS and sports improvement. I’ve worked with all those things and many more. People come to me with a wide range of issues and most can be solved completely or at least greatly improved.

What’s the strangest phobia you’ve ever treated comes about third.

I’ve had every fear from spiders and flying to going outside and even a fear of buttons. People always feel embarrassed of their issue. I can understand that but I know there is always a reason for the fear and we can get to the bottom of it and solve it in a few sessions.

Is hypnosis like on the TV or in films and will I lose control? It’s a big concern for many people. Clinical hypnotherapy isn’t the same as hypnosis for entertainment. You can’t be made to do anything against your will and I’m there to help. You’re completely in control at all times and aware of what’s going on but you’re in more of a focused state. The trance state is natural. We go into trances every day watching TV or reading when we’re oblivious to what’s going on around us. Even when driving a car we can reach our destination safely without being aware of the journey! By tapping into these trance states in a hypnotherapy session, we can be more open to positive change.

Our unconscious mind is so powerful and hypnotherapy is an amazing tool to help us all make deep and lasting changes.

Before trying hypnotherapy, do a bit of research and make sure your hypnotherapist is trained, qualified and registered with a governing body.

Why not enquire and find out what hypnotherapy can do for you!Optimized-WYHYPNO





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