A day in the life of a Tribal girl….

A day in the life of a Tribal girl….

A day in the life of a Tribal girl….

Waking up to a whisper at 4.30am, “mummy my nose, it’s running, wipe it” Pushed to the side of the bed to where I’m literally hanging on what feels like a cliff edge. This is how I began today’s journey.

I’m a women with two jobs. One clear and defined, the other a blurry muddle of whatever is needed from me on any particular day.


Optimized-Hollie & kidYes the balance at times is a struggle, but I am energised by this harmonious mix that comes from giving and receiving love and service to my two young boys, while being gratefully blessed by a fitness community of women that allow me to be me, a little crazy, silly, unguarded and without worry of judgement. With these women I laugh and share and guide them into new phases of their lives. Motherhood for the first time, a new decade to approach stronger and better than they’ve ever felt before. Some have arrived saying good bye to their old self.   After lost relationships and new beginnings. Each of us a story behind our smiles and buckets of kindness and support for one another.


hollie&babiesI play in the sunshine this morning with a group of amazing mums and their beautiful babies. The tunes flow and we giggle as we move and connect with our physical selves. This is one important hour where they choose Wellness, emotional and physical. Filling the body with those free chemical endorphins rejuvenating them for their day ahead. The babies lie watching the clouds, little ones clap and laugh as mummy delights them with her freeness.


Fast forward through, lunch with my boys, cbeebies and cuddles on the couch. Lego builds and pirate fights. I whizz around Tesco snacking on our favourite ‘Mango’ then it’s home for homework and dinner. Before I know it, the Nike trainers are back on, hair in a high bun and I’m on the road again with a boot full of tires and ropes (my neighbours despair)

My girls are on their way ready to be challenged, encouraged and to push on with their dreams and goals.


The day ends with a warm cup of something lovely, shoes off and a cosy blanket, 1 hour to let my mind and body rest, chats with my main man and then off to sleep in preparation for my 4.30am wake up call from the youngest boss in my life.

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