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Hello! Hope you’ve had a lovely Summer

I spent a good part of it decorating at home – after all, our Irish Summer weather is ideal for that! Having almost completed our kitchen makeover (check out my progress via, I’m loving getting stuck into the ‘pretty stuff’ – finishing touches such as styling shelves, hanging pictures, choosing cushions. Yes, you heard me, styling shelves. It’s A Thing. In fact, if you haven’t heard of the infamous #shelfie hashtag trending social media, you really need to read on and get your shelves in some serious Insta-worthy order!

Whether you have picture ledges above your bed, a set of built-in shelves in the bathroom or open shelving in your kitchen, a well-styled shelf can make a wonderful focal point, but it has to be done right. A pile of dusty trinkets and books will make the whole room look like a mess, however the perfect balance of a few key pieces will transform it into an eye-catching display. Here’s how:

Firstly, choose some books to display. A stack of old novels with interesting spines (try turning some to expose the inside edge, too) or prop up a favourite travel, fashion or interiors book, as these often have beautiful covers (see, you can buy a book for its cover!). Start with heavier items on lower shelves if you’re styling more than one, then add some frames in varying sizes, a mixture of personal snaps and framed art is best. Next, mix in some smaller objects to add interest, such as antiques, arty ceramics or postcards picked up on your travels, grouping similar ones together and layering with taller items such as the books and frames. Lastly, add a pop of greenery for extra textural dimension – perhaps a potted succulent, trailing fern or artificial plant. Ferguson Flowers on Belmont Road has a great selection of small houseplants. Keep standing back to review your display – you will instinctively know when it looks ‘right’.

Finally, don’t worry about everything matching, keep to odd numbers when grouping objects (trust me on this!) and allow for negative space by not overcrowding your shelves – you want the eye to travel freely over the display and for your personality to shine through. Also, keep it fresh by regularly updating your shelves, adding festive or seasonal touches throughout the year, too.

Keep an eye on the blog and my Pinterest page for more shelf styling tips and inspiration. I look forward to finding your #shelfie proudly snapped on Instagram before too long! K x

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