Dekko Bird ~ Keira Marshall (July)

Dekko Bird ~ Keira Marshall (July)

Dekko Bird ~ Keira Marshall (July)

It seems that no home is complete these days without a home bar.  And why not, I say?  However, this doesn’t mean you have to kit out an entire room with a bar counter and seating arrangements for your guests; home bars can be set up anywhere in the home with a bit of reorganising and some carefully chosen accessories.  Here’s how!


Firstly, choose a spot in your home to set up your bar area.  This could be a tray set on top of a sideboard or side table in your dining or living room, a kitchen shelf or (extra style points here) set up your own dedicated bar cart!  The added bonus of this is that it’s portable, too, so you can wheel it out onto the patio on warm summer evenings, meaning your guests don’t have to move too far for their next G&T.  Keep an eye out for vintage tea trolleys that can be easily spray painted or varnished back to their former glory, or pick up a kitchen trolley in IKEA for less than £50.


Now for the fun part –  styling your bar!  A successful home bar needs to have a mix of both functional and fun barware and accessories and it’s a nice idea to have a theme, too; e.g. a gin bar with a selection of craft gins, a traditional bar with vintage decanters on display or a retro cocktail bar tray with tropical hints.


bar tray Bar cart bar shelfSet out your drinks bottles in one corner, then a selection of glassware and tumblers – alternate their height and shape and ensure they match your overall theme – pint glasses won’t cut it on a cocktail tray!  Also required in your home bar is an ice bucket and tongs, bottle opener, cocktail shaker, a set of coasters, plus your preferred drinks accessories such as straws and stirrers.  Another lovely touch is to set out a pretty bowl of garnishes for guests to choose from, such as fresh blackberries, limes or a pot of fresh rosemary (perfect for a gin bar).


Finally, add some quirky flourishes with a neon sign or letterbox to set your bar’s theme, some twinkly lights, a faux plant or vase of flowers and any seasonal decorations depending on the time of year or occasion.


Make your bar a permanent feature in your home, updating it regularly and changing up the décor so any unexpected guests can avail of it.


Cheers and have a super summer!

K xx


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