A Belfast Mum ~ Donna Bell (July)

A Belfast Mum ~ Donna Bell (July)

A Belfast Mum ~ Donna Bell (July)

All I’ve been hearing this last few weeks is how expensive holidays are this year. Prices in family friendly European resorts seem to have rocketed due to increased demand due to safety concerns about travelling to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.  Throw in Brexit and the instability of the pound, and you’re looking at much less in your pocket when you go to buy your “dos cervezas” at the pool bar…


People in the UK spend an average of £600 per person on their annual summer holiday, and research has shown that they enjoy looking forward to it more than the holiday itself. Let’s face it, we’ve all had one of those holidays, when your heart sinks when you first see, (and smell), your apartment, when the pool is too crowded, there’s no sun loungers, the food is awful and the ‘entertainment’ is not entertaining. Factor in having to guard small children by the pool and make sure they’re constantly slathered in suncream, and it doesn’t add up to a very relaxing experience…


So, the way I see it, if you want to really make yourself happy, just pretend you’ve booked a holiday. That way you get to save your money and have all the joy of anticipation, research and planning, without any of the disappointment, sunburn, or holiday tummy…


Last summer we ‘holidayed’ at home. We had great days out to some of our country parks, museums and open farms. We explored. We had glorious sunny days at the beautiful beaches that surround Northern Ireland – Tyrella, Millisle, Ballywalter, Whiterocks Bay, Benone, Portstewart Strand, Castlerock to name just a few. We totally switched off in the Fermanagh lakelands. We ate fantastic meals and had family picnics. And when we got too hot, or too tired, we just packed the kids into the car and went home.


Whatever you’re doing this year, or wherever you’re going, enjoy being outside, get some warmth in your bones, and spend time with your loved ones. That’s what it’s all about really… oh, and don’t forget the suncream!




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